Confessions of a Young Mom

Salam and Hello, this post will be something from the heart and to share with you the life of a young mom.

I got married at 20, got my firstborn at 21 and second at 23. Kahwin dulu memang takda apa2 to my name, kerja ala kadar belajar pun ala kadar. My husband pula still studying.

We got married pun just with family attending it. Bersanding kalau boleh taknak, but my Dad he insisted and sponsored it.

Soalan orang selalu tanya, “Kenapa kahwin muda sangat?” the only answer I could give was, “It was time.” Jawapan anak muda yang taknak dengar cakap orang tua.

After kahwin and bersalin my firstborn, Adyan, I had no career, stayed with my parents, no money, senang cerita memang susah. Alhamdulillah, I had my parents and Q (my husband) got his first job then.

When Adyan was 6 months old, baru decided to look for a job and I got employed my Catlin Labuan Limited. Good pay and good environment tapi but my third year, got news that the company was going to be closed.

Was sad and takda mood langsung nak kerja dengan Aria about to be born in that year, so decided to leave early.

Since then memang susah nak cari an employment place with good environment. Walaupun I had just finished my ACCA, but thinking of my kids, takkan nak pursue in Audit when it will take a lot of my time away from family.

Worse come to worst, I had to think macam mana nak buat duit aside of working, dulu in 2013 ada juga buat business but it was hard, leader selalu push towards the wrong things, and I had so much stock in hand, macam mana nak focus kan? Last2 berhenti and just focus jual what’s in hand.

Tahun ni pula, 2017, lagi banyak cabaran kena lalui, I am pregnant with my third child and just lost my job in May. Sebab hilang kerja: I took 4 weeks unpaid leave untuk jaga my kids yang gilir2 kena chicken pox. Sedih and marah, life still has to go on.

Alhamdulillah, I am forever grateful to both my parents and siblings, they have been helping me a lot. Not in just monetary terms, but also in support.

My advice, kalau nak kahwin awal tu, fikir banyak2. Each person’s stability itu penting. Rezeki memang milik Allah but it won’t just fall on our lap.

I guess, that’s it for today. If ada any questions, boleh je drop a comment below, we can email or WhatsApp. Nothing is easy in this world.

Love, Nana.


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