How I Met Premium Beautiful

I had been introduced to Hai-O since 2014 but I was not active in the business as I had to complete my ACCA and juggled it along with my fulltime job as well. 

But then along the way, I had secretly followed my girl, Shaliza Aziz (Founder of The Diamond Circle), on Instagram. And just going through her feeds, it showed how different she lead her team to success. She has got to be the most down to earth person I had ever met. She would get her hands dirty for each of her babies (me incl. hehe) 

After delivering Aria, I had decided to text her and say, I want to be a part of your team! But even then, I had a very slow progress from my side, however, she had never forgotten about me despite how I had progressed. I am so deeply thankful for that. 

Only a year later of registering under her wing, I had finally bought my set of the infamous Premium Beautiful corset (#1 BODY SHAPING LINGERIE). Thus far, definitely, money worth spent on. 

That’s me in the middle. Could you see that bump? I looked 5 months pregnant, at least 😭

And that’s 2 months after constant wearing, no more bumps to show off πŸ˜‚

My thighs had definitely decrease in size. My waistline had gone from 94′ to 70′

My advice is, seek an expert because you would definitely see where your hard earned money went to: A new fab bod! Hehe.

Psst! Forgot to tell you, we are currently having a promotiom where you can save from RM600 up to RM1200 when you purchase a set of Premium Beautiful from now until February 2017 πŸ˜‰

Order yours now from yours truly 😘



TDC Premium Beautiful Expert



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